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Sustainable fashion

For ladies' items (shirts, pants, coats, etc.)

Considering environmental issues

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In the fashion industry, new trends are born every season, and mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal are commonplace. It is regarded as a problem not only in Japan but all over the world that it has a great adverse effect on the environment.
Therefore, it is very important to incorporate sustainable fashion as an individual consideration for environmental issues.

At KoHT, we are incorporating "sustainable" into items such as shirts, pants and coats, regardless of whether they are men's or women's.

Environmental issues related to fashion

Focus on sustainable fashion

A problem in the fashion industry not only in Japan but around the world is the mass disposal of inventories due to huge surplus inventories.

New trends emerge every season in the fashion industry, and overseas factories such as China and Bangladesh make large quantities of clothes on a daily basis. The clothes that are made need only be passed through the sleeves once, and many clothes are not purchased even if they go to outlet stores, and they are incinerated without being passed through the sleeves.

In this way, mass production and mass disposal are commonplace in the fashion industry, and it is regarded as a problem that it has a great adverse effect on the environment. Furthermore, the rise of fast fashion in the 2000s has added mass consumption, which has spurred environmental problems.


Another problem is the mass slaughter of animals for the purpose of using contaminated water and greenhouse gases generated when making clothes, and hair and leather for men's belts and women's bags. ..

Consideration for environmental problems that can be done by individuals

Shirts, pants, coats, etc.

Choose sustainable fashion

■ Don't buy too much clothes
I think many people are interested in the trend items that are announced each season. It is important not to buy too many clothes due to fashion.

■ Choose organic cotton
Items made from organic cotton do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so they are environmentally friendly as well as cotton producers.

■ Choose a domestic brand
One option is to choose a domestic brand made in Japan rather than an international brand. Since the domestic brand is designed and manufactured in Japan, it is possible to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases generated during long-distance delivery.


Many domestic brands have adopted sustainable fashion, so you can enjoy fashion while being environmentally friendly.

■ Check the material
Pay attention not only to the design of the clothes, but also to the materials, such as whether the clothes and bags are made of plastic and whether microplastics are generated when washing.

■ Do not buy poor quality clothes
Trendy, low-priced fast fashion, men's and women's, is often discarded in a short period of time. High quality sustainable fashion items can be used habitually for a long time.

■ Carefully use the clothes you have
If you have your favorite clothes, use them carefully and use them for a long time. Also, if you want to buy items that you can use for a long time, such as shirts, coats, and pants, we recommend a design that is not influenced by trends and sustainable fashion that is particular about materials.

Men's and ladies'

KoH T that prepares sustainable fashion

With sustainable fashion, both men and women can consider environmental issues in fashion.

KoHT is a domestic brand, and everything from design to manufacturing is done in Japan. All collections are made from organic, renewable and biodegradable fibers, which makes them environmentally friendly. We are developing men's and ladies' items such as sustainable fashion shirts, coats and pants. Please take a look at KoH T.

At KoH T, men's and ladies' items,

Proposing various sustainable fashions

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