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We are also looking for retailers such as select shops

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A domestic brand that is also called "Domebra" or "Domez". Do you know what kind of brand a domestic brand is in the first place?
The domestic brands that are selected for both men and women have the appeal of being selected.

KoHT, a domestic brand that offers men's and ladies' items, is also looking for retailers such as select shops.

Domestic brand = domestic brand

The domestic brand "domestic" means "domestic", so the domestic brand stands for "domestic brand".

In other words, a brand created in Japan by a Japanese designer that produces collection items such as tops and bottoms in Japan and sells them mainly in Japan is called a domestic brand. If you compare it with a home appliance maker, Panasonic and Hitachi, and if you are a car maker, Toyota and Nissan are domestic brands. It may be abbreviated as "domebra" or "domestic".

Domestic brand men's and women's items are popular with those seeking quality.


The appeal of domestic brands

Fashion that shines the individuality of the designer

■ High quality
The biggest attraction of the domestic brand is the high quality of Made in Japan. Domestic brand items are often made in domestic factories that have a reputation for high manufacturing technology such as sewing, and are characterized by high quality.

In addition, Japanese-made fabrics are often used as the material for items, so it can be said that one of the reasons for choosing domestic brand clothes is that they can be used habitually for a long time.

■ Original design unique to Japan not found overseas
It is characterized by the culture of Tokyo, and many designs that feel the unique culture of Japan that incorporates traditional Japanese techniques. In addition, each domestic brand has a different concept and characteristics, so you can enjoy various designs that shine the individuality of the designer.

ドメスティックブランドの魅力 デザイナーの個性が光るファッション

■ Fits Japanese body shape
Domestic brands are designed by Japanese designers, so most of them fit the Japanese body shape. Compared to overseas, it features many loose silhouettes.

■ Commitment to comfort and materials
Many domestic brands pursue not only design but also comfort. For this reason, we use carefully selected fabrics for each brand, and you can enjoy unique designs that take advantage of the characteristics of the fabrics. It is also very attractive that it is comfortable to wear and easy to wear on a daily basis.

KoH T is a Japanese fashion brand and a creative team with the same sensibility. We aim to provide a timeless wardrobe that takes advantage of the individuality of the wearer. Regardless of men's or ladies', you can purchase by reservation from the POP UP store or EC site at department stores and select shops.

Domestic brands for men and women

We are also looking for retailers such as select shops

At KoH T, we are particular about not only the design but also the fabric and manufacturing process, such as incorporating sustainable fabrics into the fabric. We are also looking for select shops, department stores, boutiques, etc. that handle domestic brand men's and ladies' items, so please feel free to take a look.

At the domestic brand KoHT,

We are also looking for retailers who handle men's and ladies' items.

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