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What is the sustainable fashion material "cupra"?

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Various materials such as natural fibers and chemical fibers are used for clothes. Among them, cupra is attracting attention as a material for sustainable fashion. Cupra is an indispensable material for sustainable fashion items, and many designers have incorporated it into their collections.

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Why sustainable materials attracted attention

Why did you use cupra

In recent years, many fashion items using sustainable materials such as cupra have been sold. Why is sustainable fashion and sustainable materials so popular?

Sustainable fashion became popular at the United Nations Summit in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention (COP), which was also held in 2015. It was triggered by the "Paris Agreement" agreed in. Interest in environmental issues has increased, especially in Europe, and not only the governments of each country but also private companies have begun to engage in sustainable activities.

In the fashion industry, Greenpeace, an international environmental NGO, has started a "detox campaign" to eliminate harmful substance emissions by 2020, and in Japan, Fast Retailing, which develops UNIQLO, participated and became a hot topic.

サスティナブルな素材が注目された理由 なぜキュプラを使ったのか

For sustainable fashion

What is the indispensable material "cupra"?

What kind of material is "cupra", which is indispensable for making sustainable fashion items?

■ What is cupra?
Cupra is made from the 2 to 6 mm downy hair that is not originally used as a fiber, which is around the cotton seeds after the cotton is collected. Cupra means "copper", which is derived from the use of the "copper-ammonia method" when manufacturing cupra.

■ Features of cupra

  • Excellent hygroscopicity and moisture release

Cupra has excellent hygroscopicity and moisture release, so it is often used for innerwear and sports uniforms.

  • Hard to generate static electricity

Cupra is less prone to static electricity, so it is indispensable for autumn / winter items where the air is dry and static electricity is likely to occur.

  • Slippery

The slippery cupra is often used for lining suits and skirts.

  • Supple

The greatest feature of cupra is its softness and suppleness. When used on shirts and dresses, it creates a beautiful drape.

  • Shiny

Cupra is shiny, which gives it a luxurious feel.

■ Cupra is very sustainable
Cupra is very sustainable because it is made from the downy hair around the cotton seeds that are normally thrown away. Now that interest in sustainable fashion has increased, it is being actively used not only for linings but also for various items such as outerwear by processing cupra threads and changing the weaving and knitting methods.

KoH T dealing with sustainable fashion

Stick to eco-friendly materials

Selling designer collections

If you are interested in environmental issues, we recommend that you incorporate sustainable into your fashion.
KoHT sells a collection of designers who are particular about eco-friendly materials. We propose a collection that is designed from yarn and uses recycled fibers and dead stock fabrics. Please look for the item you like.

At KoH T, we were particular about the material

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