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Awareness of sustainable fashion brands

Focus on materials rather than high-end brands when purchasing

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The terms sustainable fashion and ethical fashion are often seen in fashion magazines. Many people can imagine some of the brand's items, but don't see a clear difference.

Nowadays, high brands are also considering environmental issues, and various words such as "sustainable," "ethical," and "eco" are used in the fashion industry. Before you buy a fashion item, let's know the difference between sustainable, ethical and eco.

High brands are also environmentally friendly

I want to hold it down before purchasing

Differences between Sustainable, Ethical and Eco

Do you know the difference between sustainable ethical and eco? Before you buy a fashion item, let's check the differences between the three.

■ Sustainable
Sustainable means "sustainable". Therefore, sustainable fashion refers to fashion items made using materials that are friendly to the global environment and recycled materials.

High-end brands in Japan and overseas are also making efforts to consider the environment by carefully using limited resources and to continue to make future children live with peace of mind.

ハイブランドも環境に配慮 購入前に押さえたいサスティナブル・エシカル・エコの違い

■ Ethical
Ethical means "ethical" and is to consider the environment and people involved in production. For example, hiring workers in the proper environment and wages in the production of clothes. It is an ethical thing made without exploiting the environment and labor.

Brands that make items from materials that do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides that have a negative impact on the environment are also sustainable and ethical because they are ethical in protecting the global environment.

■ Eco
It is a combination of ecology, which means "ecology," and economy, which means "economy." It means "good for the environment".

In Japan

Awareness of sustainable fashion

In Europe, high-end brands are actively incorporating sustainable materials to develop a collection of sustainable fashion. In addition, international brands that develop brands all over the world are pushing out sustainable fashion and ethical fashion, but in Japan, both sustainable and ethical fashion are not so widespread.

This is not because Japan is behind, but because Japan's long-standing "mottainai spirit" has naturally incorporated sustainable, ethical, and ecological into its lives for hundreds of years.

However, since the beginning of the 2000s, the wave of fast fashion has flooded Japan, and mass production and mass disposal due to mass consumption of new clothes one after another has become commonplace in the young generation who are sensitive to fashion. ..


Therefore, by proposing sustainable fashion and ethical fashion as new styles to the younger generation who are forgetting the "mottainai spirit" that is a good old tradition in Japan, the "mottainai spirit" has come to light again. Focusing on sustainable fashion and ethical fashion, the spirit of sustainable, ethical, and eco is spreading to various fields such as organic cosmetics and organic foods.

Currently, there is growing interest in sustainable and ethical products, especially among the younger generation, and it is expected that this will spread to a wide range of generations in the future.

Utilizing traditional Japanese techniques

Sustainable fashion brand KoH T

At KoHT, a sustainable fashion brand, we value traditional Japanese techniques and cooperate with production areas and craftsmen to continue to create items that will not be obsolete over time and will increase in value with each repetition.

In addition to natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool, we offer items using sustainable fabrics such as "Pulp Material OJO +" manufactured by Japanese paper manufacturing company Oji Fiber and Asahi Kasei's Cupra Material "Bemberg". doing. If you are interested, please feel free to take a look.

At Sustainable Fashion Brand KoHT

We propose items that are particular about everything

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