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Dealing with ethical fashion brands

We are also looking for retailers such as select shops

"How to" ethical fashion such as using natural materials

HomeColumn > We are also looking for retailers such as select shops that handle ethical fashion brands. “How to” ethical fashion, such as using natural materials.

These days, I often hear the word "ethical". However, I think that there are many people who do not understand the ethical points.

For those people, choose items made of natural materials. At KoH T, an ethical fashion brand, we manufacture products with a visible face in order to protect quality. We are also looking for retailers such as select shops that handle ethical fashion brand items.

Organic natural materials, etc.

"How to" ethical fashion

The "way" of ethical fashion is to select the following products.

Fair trade is "fair and fair trade", and by conducting fair trade, we eliminate unfair labor and fraud by people in producing countries.

We produce raw materials such as organic cotton, which is organically grown without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


Ethical fashion brands make effective use of materials that should have been thrown away in their clothes and reuse dead stock materials.

As a material with a low environmental impact, ethical fashion brand items utilize natural fibers, eco-friendly chemical fibers, recycled materials, and eco-friendly materials.

We will not only incorporate traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen, but also pass on those techniques to the future.

We are making efforts to revitalize local industries and production areas through manufacturing rooted in the region.

Ethical fashion brands do not use animal hair or leather in their clothes or bags to avoid damaging animals.

By suppressing waste before it is generated, we prevent waste and carbon dioxide from being generated.

We donate to NPOs and NGOs to support and create jobs.

Ethical fashion brand KoH T

What we do to protect quality

The first thing that ethical fashion brand KoHT is doing to protect quality is to make products that show the face. There are quite a lot of steps involved in producing clothes, but in most of the processes, making things that show the faces of factories and craftsmen leads to high quality as a result. Is thinking.

At KoHT, we often talk to the people at the factory in Yonezawa from the state of chats and ideas before planning, and new ideas may be born from that. I also think that human hands are important for achieving the ideal quality, and I feel that creativity that resonates with the factory through a relationship of trust will become indispensable.

In particular, Yonezawa is a rare production area in Japan that can consistently produce weaving, dyeing, and sewing. With such a background, KoHT believes that the relationships between factories with different processes also help protect quality.

エシカルファッションブランド・KoH Tが品質を守るために実施していること

Of course, according to the life cycle assessment, we must always continue to self-assess the raw materials, production process, distribution, sales, disposal, and recycling. We value the transparency of production, and even if it is difficult to achieve 100%, we believe that it is important to continue to update the definition of sustainability as a brand by expressing and displaying actions and raw materials with correct evaluation. This transparency is difficult to achieve with brand identity alone, and the “face-to-face manufacturing” mentioned earlier is indispensable.

KoH T is also looking for retailers such as select shops, department stores and boutiques that sell men's and ladies' items of ethical fashion brands.

Items of ethical fashion brand KoH T

Also available at select shops

If you want to start ethical from now on, please see the items of ethical fashion brand KoHT. At KoH T, we are fully committed to the production of fair trade, and we are engaged in ethical activities such as using natural materials such as organic cotton, recycled fibers, and dead stock fabrics for items. You can purchase from POP UP stores such as department stores and select shops, or from EC sites.

At the ethical fashion brand KoHT,

We are also looking for retailers who handle men's and ladies' items.

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