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KoH T is a Japanese fashion brand and a creative team with the same sensibility. KoH T aims to create a timeless wardrobe that takes advantage of the individuality of the wearer, and presents a collection that revives tradition and creates new things. I want you to experience a story that is not limited to the surface of each item. And I want to be a fashion brand that makes me want to tell someone about the story and clothes. A feeling that people wearing KoH T clothes can express themselves freely. In beauty, you can see the person's way of life, spirituality, and life. Therefore, as the responsibility of the brand that produces things, we cooperate with the production areas and creators, and send a message to pass on to the future through creation for a better life. What is really valuable is that it is particular and the process and finished product are beautiful, and it is inherited over time without becoming obsolete, and the value increases with each repetition.

  • Established KoH T.

  • Announced a collaborative collection with the Yonezawa production area.

  • Presented the FALL WINTER 2020 collection at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO.

  • Selected as 15 sustainable designers and presented 3D Digital collection at Helsinki Fashion Week.

  • Produced a collaboration work with the world's most advanced sustainable fiber company "SPINNOVA".

  • The collaboration work with SPINNOVA will be exhibited at the FASHION FOR GOOD Museum in Amsterdam.

  • SPRING SUMMER 2021 Digital Collection presented at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO.

  • FALL WINTER 2021 Digital Collection presented at NY Fashion Week.

  • Selected as Future Designers by WGSN, the world's largest trending company.

  • Presented the SPRING SUMMER 2022 collection at NY Fashion Week at Canoe studios in Manhattan.

  • Nominated for UNICORN FASHION AWARD and presented 4D XD collection at MILAN FASHION WEEK.


Born in Fukuoka prefecture. He has received many other awards such as the JFW New Designer Fashion Award and the Grand Prix at the Yumi Katsura Awards. After that, he won a special prize at the Kobe Fashion Contest and went to England. After studying collection production at Nottingham Trent University and attending London Graduate Fashion Week, he returned to Japan. Started designer activities in London and Vancouver based in Tokyo as KoH T. For the next three years, he concurrently serves as an apparel consultant and brand director. Established KoH T Design Studio in 2018. Currently, he is the creative director of fashion brand KoH T.

Born in Nagano prefecture. she specializes in styling that stimulates the creativity of the wearer with a flashy eye that captures the essence of clothing. Gained experience at a major select shop in Japan and played an active part in style proposals. Currently utilizing that expressive power, from 2018, as a design partner at KoH T, he will be involved in all creative work, incorporating the sensibilities gained in the market, from styling to PR.

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