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Contact KoH T for domestic brand men and women. We are looking for select shops and retailers. Domestic brand men's and ladies' items, which are characterized by carefully selected materials, are also suitable for fashion fashion.

Sustainable for men and women
(Domestic brand in Japan)

If you are interested in men's and ladies' domestic brands, go to KoH T. We sell collections made from organic, renewable and biodegradable fibers. We take responsibility for what we produce as a designer and use eco-friendly materials such as rayon, modal, cotton, wool and silk, mainly cupra, in order to realize perfect circulation.

We have items that suit fashion fashion, so if you are looking for domestic brand items, please take a look. We are also looking for retailers such as select shops who want to sell domestic brand items.

Japanese sustainable brand
For men's and women's items, go to KoH T

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