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URANUS 07 NFT sneakers

In the VR world "Metaverse" developed on the Internet, the collaboration between NFT, which is expected to be further utilized, and fashion brands that perform sustainable creation is a very advanced attempt, and fashion brands, NFT, and Metaverse are very advanced attempts. This is a new initiative in this new area.

KoH T_NFT_URANUS 07_MetaMart_スニーカー.png
URANUS07_デジタルアート_KoH T_NFT_暗号資産.jpg
URANUS 07_Logo_NFT_KoH T.png
NFT_惑星記号_KoH T_デジタルアート_シューズ.png

What is URANUS 07

Development story: "URANUS 07" is a digital art sneaker with the motif of the gas and ice planet "Uranus" (7th planet of the solar system). The design of Uranus, which glows blue with the axis of rotation of the heel part extremely tilted, is characteristic. The sole has a flowing fluid form, creating an atmosphere in which floating gas flows into the fluid system. The outside of the body is fitted with dome-shaped platinum and is engraved with the Uranus planet symbol logo. With the advent of NFTs, conventional wisdom and people's values are about to change. URANUS 07 contains the wish to "see things from a new perspective" as a "symbol of change" that rewrites all concepts, as Uranus expresses.

URANUS07_NFT_KoH T_デジタルアート_photo_仮想通貨.jpg


■ What is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is digital data with a certificate of ownership that uses blockchain technology. By using NFT, it is possible to prove the original digital data that has been easily duplicated so far, and it is expected to be active in various fields.



URANUS 07_NFT_スケッチ_KoH T_デジタルアート.jpg
KoH T_NFT_石版_デジタルアート_Metamart_URANUS07.jpg

NFT Project URANUS 07

The first step to the future

KoHT, who presents collections in Newyork and Tokyo, has been challenging designs that fuse traditional technology with modern fashion, such as 3D digital shows at Helsinki Fashion Week and shows using XR technology at Milan Fashion Week. I did. We devised the NFT sneaker "URANUS 07" to create a new market that shifts from the analog world to the Metaverse world.

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