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Organic cotton loungewear you want to wear on Sunday morning | KoH T x TRUE COTTON


● Organic cotton loungewear that you want to wear on Sunday morning and that you can stay natural.

● Three pieces that can be combined for three seasons: autumn, winter, and spring.

● You can wear it effortlessly not only when you want to relax at home, but also for daily coordination.


I want to wear it on Sunday morning

Today I made loungewear that imagines Sunday morning when I want to relax at home.

A feeling of security that you will be wrapped up in the time to charge yourself, the luxurious time to face yourself, and the time to relax with your loved ones.

Abundant dressing that can be worn for 3 seasons [Tops, Bottoms, Hoodies, Setup, 3 Pieces]

1. Tops + to match the usual denim

2. Match with pants + linen shirt

3. Hoodie vest + T-shirt and shorts

4. In setup

5. Turn on the hoodie vest and use a three-piece