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Sustainable fashion brand KoHT

Designers and commitment

Future trends in collections such as tops and bottoms

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When purchasing items such as tops and bottoms, many people place importance on design.
The designers of the sustainable fashion brand KoHT are not only particular about the design, but also about the fabrics used for all the items in the collection.

Before purchasing KoH T items, let me tell you about KoH T's commitment and features. At the same time, I will tell you about future trends such as tops and bottoms that I would like you to refer to.

Sustainable fashion brand KoHT

Commitment and features

Designers involved in all creative work

■ KoHT designer's commitment
At Sustainable Fashion Brand KoH T, we work with factories and craftsmen in Yonezawa's production areas to create KoH T original fabrics by applying techniques and dyeing that are rooted in the production areas, not ready-made fabrics. I am making it. As a result, items in all collections, including tops, are packed with craftsmanship as well as ideas from KoHT's creative team, including designers.

In addition, KoH T is pursuing sustainable materials, and is also conducting projects with overseas Spinnova Fiber using the Japanese company Oji Fiber "OJO +". In addition, there are also items that have been re-dyed and used to revive the residual cloth (residual cloth) and dead stock in the factory so that they can be dropped into the present age. Communicating value.

サスティナブルファッションブランド・KoH Tのこだわりや特徴 すべてのクリエイティブ業務に細部まで携わるデザイナー

■ KoH T's wish
KoH T wants you to experience a story that is not limited to the surface, which is put into each item. Even now, a project is underway to output together in collaboration with artists. In addition, we would like to hold other events such as workshops and pop-up shops that consumers can experience.

■ Features of KoHT
Sustainable fashion brand KoHT aims for clothes that have a unique design and that the longer you use them like crafts, the more you want to cherish them. A timeless wardrobe that takes advantage of the individuality of the wearer. For example, a relaxed and luxurious style based on tailoring that calculates looseness. Even if it is tailored, I am aiming for an item that is somewhat nostalgic, relaxed and free, but on the other hand feels a little sophisticated and dignified, rather than a person who works with a click.

Sustainable fashion brand KoH T proposes clothes like this item that allow you to freely choose your way of life and motivate and challenge your modern lifestyle.

In other words, you can find an important piece that you can use for a long time. It will lead to the greatest eco.

■ KoH T's standard item
At KoH T, we have made single / wide setups a standard product for both men and women, and we are proposing items not only for the business scene but also for modern business styles that you can wear and play as they are.

All the fabrics used are dyed with inspiration from Japanese color names, and are characterized by a deep and unique atmosphere with uneven dyeing and over-die.

In addition, many setups use materials mixed with paper or linen, so you can enjoy the texture even if there are wrinkles or usability. Paper and linen mixed materials will be crisp when applied with a steam iron, so you can wear them even in the business scene.

Tops, bottoms, etc.

Future trends in collections that include items

■ Sustainability accelerates in the fashion industry
“Sustainability” and “ethical” are now commonplace choices around the world as environmental issues related to the fashion industry are addressed. It is thought that it will become a business trend to follow in Japan as well.

In addition, helping with the background of the business hit by the influence of corona, applying the archive collection in the expression and making full use of dead stock reuse remake will also advance sustainability. I think it will be one of the reasons.

In fact, smart creation is already in the spotlight in the fashion industry.


■ Future items of sustainable fashion brand KoHT
In terms of fashion, white and black in the spring and summer look fresh, and the natural tone is the center. I think that the number of materials such as sheer, glitter, foil, and lighter and thinner will increase, and smooth materials will change to those that require more comfort.

In addition, it is expected that fashion will respond to changes in the values of home and work. For a while, the scenes you wear will be limited, and there may be less opportunities to share fashion to enjoy. However, on the contrary, I think that the way of enjoying at home and in the neighborhood and the commitment to fashion when going out for a limited time will become stronger.

Sustainable fashion brand KoHT

Express your personality with the collection

KoHT's items are timeless wardrobes that make the most of the individuality of the wearer, and I want people who want to freely express their personality to wear them carefully. The latest collection is also introduced on Instagram, so please take a look.

At Sustainable Fashion Brand KoHT

We propose items that are particular about everything

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