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Ethical fashion brands are attracting attention in fashion magazines and SNS. One of the reasons we recommend ethical fashion brand clothing is that we support producers by incorporating Fair Trade products.

Did you know the "Lana Plaza Collapse Accident" that occurred in Bangladesh in 2013, which triggered the attention of ethical fashion brands and fair trade? Knowing about this accident reveals the importance of choosing an ethical brand.

Fair Trade Product Prices

Reasons to recommend an ethical brand

When it comes to fair trade products, chocolate and coffee are famous. It seems that many people find these fair trade products expensive, but the fact is that fair trade products are not expensive, but non-fair trade products are too cheap.

For example, cotton, which is often used as a material for clothes. In clothes such as fast fashion, there are many surprisingly cheap clothes made of 100% cotton.

This is because low prices are made possible by having producers work at unreasonably low wages to make cheap clothes, or by working long hours in harsh environments. In addition, ordinary cotton often uses a large amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to save time and effort for cultivation, which adversely affects the health of producers and pollutes the environment.


"Purchasing products and raw materials at a reasonable price = fair trade" protects the health and rights of producers, and organic cotton that does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides is also a recommended material that leads to environmental protection.

Fair trade products from ethical fashion brands may seem more expensive than fast fashion, but to support the environment and producers, we recommend buying fair trade products. You can check the Fairtrade products by checking the clothes with the "International Fairtrade Certification Label" or "WFTO Mark".

Ethical fashion

Events that attracted attention to fair trade

Nowadays, the number of ethical fashion brands is increasing, and fair trade clothes are becoming more familiar. This involves an incident.

The “Lana Plaza Collapse Accident” that occurred in Bangladesh in 2013 triggered the attention of ethical fashion brands. An eight-story commercial building called "Lana Plaza" in the town of Shabar near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, collapsed, resulting in a catastrophe that left 1,127 dead, 500 missing and more than 2,500 injured. It was.

The commercial building contained a number of fashion brand garment factories, including world-renowned fashion brands. About 80% of the dead were young women between the ages of 18 and 35 working in garment factories, so it is called the worst accident in the history of the fashion industry.


All workers, including women, were forced to work seven days a week without holidays, and were forced to work long hours without paying extra wages during the busy season. This tragedy came about because companies were only thinking about making a profit from fierce price competition and neglecting safety management and the working environment.

In the wake of the "Lana Plaza Collapse Accident", fraud from developing countries in the fashion industry has attracted attention from all over the world, and high-end brands and international brands have worked to improve the working environment one after another, resulting in the birth of many ethical fashions. Did.

Ethical fashion brand KoH T

Proposing fair trade clothes

In the midst of malicious trades in the world, KoH T manufactures face-to-face products at domestic fabrics and domestic garment factories. We are proposing clothes that people who are interested in ethical fashion and sustainable fashion can choose with confidence, so please take a look at KoH T.

At the ethical fashion brand KoHT,

We are also looking for retailers who handle men's and ladies' items.

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