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We propose items that are particular about materials

The reason why there are many blacks in fashion fashion

HomeColumn > [Domestic brand] We propose items that are particular about materials for both men and women. Reasons why there are many blacks in mode fashion

Many people will imagine fashion fashion as one of the fashionable advanced styles.
Whether it's men's or ladies', domestic brand items are characterized by their unique designs and materials, and are also chosen by those who like fashion fashion.

Black is the image of fashion fashion colors, but there is a reason for that.

Domestic brand that is particular about materials

Mode fashion

Mode fashion that is often found in domestic brands. Modes have many implications.

■ Mode is a higher-grade fashion
Mode may also refer to a higher-grade dress. For example, the cutting-edge and original fashion that you see in Paris Fashion Week is called mode.

■ Translated literally, it's fashionable
English "fashion" = French "mode", literally translated as "fashion". Therefore, it can be said that coordination that incorporates trends is also a mode.

■ The cutting edge of fashion in French
The French word "a la mode" means "fashionable" and represents a fashionable look that is at the forefront of fashion.


The reason why the image of mode = black

When it comes to fashion fashion, many people think of all-black and monotone coordination that incorporates black items. For both men and women, I will explain why mode = black.

In fact, it was the Japanese domestic brand that created the image of mode = black. Its history dates back to 1982.

In the fashion industry at the time, black, a symbol of rebellion and rebellion, was considered taboo. However, Japanese domestic brands "Comme des Garcons" and "Yohji Yamamoto" announced a completely black collection at Paris Fashion Week in 1982. This collection caused controversy in the fashion industry and became a big topic, and it became an event called "black shock".


In addition, fashion at that time aimed to make the style look beautiful, so design along the body line was the mainstream. However, the fashion industry was also shocked by the fact that the Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto collections had a dubbed style that covered the entire body even with men's items.

Since this "black impact" left a big mark on the fashion industry, the image of mode = black was attached, and that image continues even now, nearly 30 years later. It would be surprising that the Japanese domestic brand has established mode = black.

Please try incorporating Japanese domestic brand men's and ladies' items, which have the power to shock the world fashion industry, into fashion fashion outfits.

Made of eco-friendly materials

Men's and ladies' fashion items

Mode fashion with a black image is not uncommon in domestic brands. At KoH T, we make men's and ladies' items using carefully selected materials such as eco-friendly materials as well as design, and you can wear it in a wide range of scenes whether it is on or off.

At the domestic brand KoHT,

We are also looking for retailers who handle men's and ladies' items.

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