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color: Black / Navy

size: S / M / L  

¥ 52,250 (tax in)

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Never before​ The best comfort.

High-quality denim Okayama Ihara production, has been realized in the organic wash using deep sea water thus processed to that, color and texture deep. Sustainable denim born from the sea with stretchability, water repellency and stain resistance that allows stress-free movement. The one-piece jacket is light and does not limit your movement. A new type of denim setup that can be used in a wide range of situations from business to off-scenes.


Okayama's craftsmanship that is beautiful to the back

Smooth textures, parts, seams, each one is as beautiful as a work of art. Sewing with attention to invisible details that can be seen on the skin the moment you pass it through the sleeves. Because it is the part that touches the skin, the back side is also tailored more carefully.It is an artistic finish made by the world-recognized craftsmanship of Okayama.

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Deep ocean water

​Encounter of tradition and advanced technology

Ibara's denim, which has a long history in Okayama, is washed and processed with deep sea water taken off Muroto, Kochi Prefecture. In order to use deep sea water, which is currently under research , strict examination by Muroto City is required. It is a next-generation technology that uses precious deep sea water that not everyone can use.


mineral - mineral -

Near the surface of the sea, it is rich in minerals that are lost by photosynthesis of phytoplankton.

By acting instead of chemicals, the mineral can be processed into a soft texture without damaging the denim fabric.

eco -Eco-

Washing with deep sea water leads to a reduction in tap water consumption. In addition, because it does not use chemicals, it also reduces the environmental burden, such as reducing energy and CO2 when producing chemicals.


​Ibara Denim, the sanctuary of denim

​The reason why it is a sacred place for denim

The Ibara region has a long history in Okayama, the production center of denim. Indigo dyeing, which has been handed down from the Edo period, and work clothes and school uniforms made from thick and durable cotton fabrics were popular.

Utilizing that know-how, in the 1970s it accounted for about 70% of the production of domestic denim.

World-recognized Okayama denim

"Pitty Uomo" is a big exhibition of men's fashion in Italy.

It received high praise there, and Okayama denim has become a globally recognized denim.
Today, we also undertake the production and processing of world-famous high-end brands.

SHIN-KAI Denim Set Up

¥ 52,250 (tax in)

Outer: Cotton 97%, Polyurethane 3%

Color: Black / Navy

Size Size  : S / M / L

Made in Japan / Okayama Denim

Washable * There is a possibility of color transfer.

Please use the net and wash it separately from other items.

新規プロジェクト (1).jpg

Introduced as an adult comfortable denim that has a "hit habit" effect!

It is one that will produce a fashionable simple coordination with only one white T-shirt!

Click here for the special making movie!

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