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This item is a Fall / Winter 2021 pre-order item from the KoH T collection. Delivery is scheduled for September.


SKIN DEMANDS TEE that you can go out with this one piece even when you go out as a room wear.

By using 100-count strong twisted yarn, which is finer and more delicate than the yarn used in general cut and sewn fabrics,

It has a soft and delicate touch, but it is solid and durable.


The body part has a double structure, it is light because it contains air, and it has excellent heat retention and you can spend it comfortably.

Even if you wear it with one piece, you don't have to worry about see-through.

The women's type sleeves have a single layer with a sense of sheerness, and the silhouette of the arm looks beautiful.

It is also convenient in the summer when you are worried about UV rays but want to spend your time comfortably.


As it is made of 100% natural fiber, it is gentle on the skin and can also be used as an inner.

It is a stress-free cut-and-sew even when wearing a low-gauge knit or a shirt with elasticity.


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  • 素材

    Cotton 100%








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