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"Pebble" is a gadget-type eco bag that can be quickly taken out and put on with a smart design like a pebble.


Eco bag "Pebble" in a pebbles-shaped silicone case. The case comes with a carabiner and can be attached to bags and clothes. You can pinch the pull tab and take it out in one motion, and you can store it crisply without folding it.

The size of the eco bag is designed based on the size of the plastic bag that is most consumed at convenience stores, and is ideal for shopping where you tend to forget the eco bag.
The material itself is environmentally friendly and uses 100% recycled nylon. It is extremely light and durable, and has been proven to have little effect on the human body due to its fluorine-free water repellent finish.


Received the OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2021 selected by overseas experts.


SKU: 2
Sales Tax Included
  • 送料は全国一律となります。

    0~30,000円                   2,500円(税込)
    30,001~60,000円    3,500円(税込) 
    60,001~100,000円     4,500円(税込) 
    100,001~up                    6,000円(税込)


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