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<Products scheduled to be delivered from early February 2021>

This product is a reserved product.

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* If production is accelerated, we will deliver the product as soon as it is delivered.
* This product is processed, embroidered and sewn by craftsmen after ordering. Since the product image is a sample, the processing, size, dyeing color, etc. may differ slightly from the actual product.
In particular, this product is hand-made by designers and embroiderers one by one.

It is a one-of-a-kind product with different textures for each production. Please understand. In addition, it is a product with a limited quantity that can be produced.
(Some errors may occur in the size of the items listed in the product details)
* Reserved items cannot be canceled or changed in size.

Please contact us for out-of-stock items, colors and sizes.

Gold leaf transparent cardi-coat

SKU: 1-211-1-170014
Sales Tax Included
  • This is an exclusive piece created by a designer and an embroiderer together.
    It is a cardi coat that is printed from the waist to the hem, and then another printed organdy fabric is placed on it, and the designer gives a foil print on it.
    The transparent fabric of cotton silk is a natural color that is familiar to the skin.
    It's thin and soft, so it's recommended to wear it with bare skin until midsummer. It has a shawl collar along the neck, and when the front is aligned, it is tied with a string on the right side. It also comes with a belt so you can browse the waist.
    In the season when you wear a coat, it is recommended to layer it under the coat and show it for a glance. It is also nice to tie the front tightly and wear it as a cache-coeur dress.

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