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Trousers are light and taut fabrics that are finished by making full use of tie-dyeing and layer dyeing one by one.

We apply Japanese tradition and kimono dyeing technology.

By fastening the button on the hem, it transforms into a tapered shape.

The waist is an adjust belt specification that can be adjusted in 2 steps.


Please note that the pattern is different for each item because it is hand-dyed by a craftsman.

Dyeing fisherman's pants

Sales Tax Included
  • カラー



    S サイズ

    ウエスト 76cm

    ヒップ 95cm

    股上 23cm

    股下 70cm



    ウエスト 81cm

    ヒップ 100cm

    股上 24cm

    股下 78cm



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