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Autumn / winter collection developed with craftsmen dyeing Japanese nuance colors

Luxury relaxing setup with a focus on tailoring


The theme of Fall / Winter 2020 is "Artisan". A collection with Japanese color names in collaboration with dyeing craftsmen.

The textile uses cupra and OJO +.

It features a relaxed setup.

Please look for your special outfit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Also, for those who want to try it on, we hold a fitting event on an irregular basis, so please follow us on Instagram to check the information.


KoHT is a Japanese design studio and a creative team with the same sensibility. It is also a Japanese fashion brand. The KoHT brand aims to create a timeless wardrobe that takes advantage of the individuality of the user, and presents a collection that revives tradition and creates new things. We want you to experience a story that is not limited to the surface of each item, and we want to be a brand that makes you want to tell someone about that story or thing. As the responsibility of the brand that creates things, we cooperate with the production areas and creators, create for a better life, and send a message to pass on to the future. We believe that what is truly valuable is that the process and finished product are beautiful with the help of human hands, and that it will be inherited over time and will increase in value with each repetition.

Items for which reservations are being accepted

Limited to the EC page, some additional reservations are being accepted.

* Reservations will be closed for products that have reached the production limit.

* Since it takes time to produce with craftsmen, the reservation period is until the start of the season. (Please check the product page for details)

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